About Us

Hudson Wealth Management LLC was established in Red Bank, New Jersey in 2005. At that time, we envisioned a new approach to financial planning—an approach that focuses one hundred percent on the specific needs of each client while simultaneously encompassing the age-old values of integrity, teamwork, and commitment. Every member of our team is fully committed to leveraging this approach to build and maintain client trust under our careful financial guidance.

To support this goal, we leverage the power of our strong professional backgrounds in the many areas that impact our clients' finances—financial planning, law, accounting, health insurance, and life insurance—working together as a team to collectively understand each client's financial and personal goals and create solutions to help drive financial success. This cooperative approach and our commitment to maintaining strong, open communication with every client is why we believe our business is built almost entirely on personal referrals. Ultimately, our success is not measured by the number of clients we serve, but by how well we serve those clients who entrust us with their financial dreams.